A Call for Future Programmers

Have you seen this video?  Some of the best minds in technology have come together with celebrities to push for technology education.  They say we owe it to ourselves to grow with technology, and anyone who can do basic math can learn code.

What do you think?



Forbes article written by Tomio Green in reference to the video…

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Bosh Campaign For More Programmers

As any tech company can tell you, there is a major shortage of engineers in the U.S., particularly computer programmers.

Code.org, a non-profit founded by entrepreneurs Hadi Partovi and his brother Ali Partovi, is launching a campaign to try to get more computer science courses and more students studying programming. The group shot a short film (see above), bringing together famous entrepreneurs and celebrities who encourage students to get into programming.

The cast in the film includes: Partovi, Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat, Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Drew Houston of Dropbox, Tony Hsieh of Zappos, Gabe Newell of Valve, Ruchi Sanghvi of Dropbox, will.i.am, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. In the film, Zuckerberg, Newell and others talk about their first programming experiences and why the got into the field. They also talk about the shortage of programmers in the field. And who knew Bosh studied programming in college?

Partovi says computer science isn’t emphasized enough by U.S. schools. Currently 41 out of 50 states don’t recognize computer science as a math or science graduation credit. And nine out of ten schools don’t teach computer programming. At the college level, 2% of students graduate with computer science degrees.

Partovi also cites estimates that 1.4 million programming jobs will be needed over the next decade while current projections are for only 400,000 graduates in the field.

While movies like “The Social Network” may have made programming more attractive as a profession, there are still perceptions that Partovi wants to change. “One is, people think, ‘It’s too hard for me,’” Partovi says. “Adults assume their daughters can’t learn this stuff. They don’t realize 10 year olds can learn this.” The second roadblock is people think they’ll be isolated working in a dark basement somewhere. Third, high school counselors think computer programming jobs are all overseas so students shouldn’t study it, Partovi says.

In addition to the video, Partovi’s group is working with an advisory board that includes Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway and Nicholas Negroponte to work on projects such as encouraging more schools to offer programming classes. Partovi says the program will not only help the tech industry, but it will also help the American economy by providing more skilled workers who can get high paying jobs in the U.S. ”This directly helps the tech industry and U.S. economy,” he says.


A Guide to Green IT

Green IT Logo_fŸr_appelIt seems that everywhere you turn these days more and more people are going Green.   Many IT professionals are finding their companies are making changes to help the environment as well.  Did you know simple things like putting all your computers, printers and other electronic devices in sleep mode when they are not in use can help the environment. However, if they will not be used for a long period of time, such as overnight, you would want to shut them off completely. As you probably know, electronics that have external power supplies still draw electricity even when there is no power going to them.

Replace your monitor screens, especially if they are CRT as they use a ton of power.  The creators of the monitors did not take concerns like this into consideration when they created them.  You should use flat screen monitors which do not taken up much electricity when they are in standby mode. Most flat screen monitors will automatically go in standby mode when they are not being used for a certain amount of time.

Using virtualization software is a great way to go green in the IT industry. In the past, one server may have run one application. However, now one server is able to run several jobs. This doubles the work that a server can do so that you don’t need as many servers running.

Growth and Branding

Theoris - 8888 KeystoneAs we make our way further into 2013 we find ourselves in new surroundings and amongst new team members.  Walking through our freshly painted hallways, I can’t help but notice all the new faces in the crowd either interviewing in conference rooms or “shadowing” our fellow colleagues.  All of this hustle and bustle points to the company’s success and aspirations of growth.  Our ability to grow is due to the contributions of everyone collectively working together towards a common goal.  It doesn’t matter if you’re watching our hardworking CFO, one of our outstanding account managers, our charming group of recruiters, or the heart and soul of our company, our contractors sitting remotely at our valued client’s office.  Each of us play an essential role in growing Theoris IT, Engineering, and Scientific into the best technical staffing and recruiting organization in the country.

Obviously there are a variety of factors that need to come together in order for a company to achieve exponential growth and success.  I compare it to and visualize it much like a puzzle.  In order for a puzzle to be complete, all the pieces have to be in the exact right spot at the same time.  Attempting to stick with this analogy….one particular “puzzle piece” I want to talk more in depth about is BRANDING.  Effective company branding is paramount.  It is not only important to build on past successes, but also to achieve future success.  Each and every one of us have a responsibility to positively brand our company every chance we get.

And here is why… brand recognition is crucial to securing new business which in turn directly affects our company’s ability to grow.

Quite simply, our brand is what sets us apart from our competition in the minds of our employees and clients.  How can potential clients or candidates that we would like to partner with ever be able to find us, remember us, or want to work with us if we don’t differentiate ourselves from our competition? 

Well, the answer is they can’t.   Therefore we need to BRAND, BRAND, BRAND.

As we continue to grow and expand we are constantly striving for differentiation and clear brand recognition.  One of our favorite questions to ask both candidates and hiring managers is, “Have you heard of Theoris?”  The sole reason we like to ask this is because if they haven’t heard of us….we have the privilege of sharing our story or who we are, what we do, and most importantly… what makes us special.

So remember, much like people, businesses have personalities.  All humans gravitate towards and do business with personalities they like…so every chance we get we should be telling the story of our great company and what makes us different.  It remains everyone’s responsibility to continue to display the values that differentiate our culture from our competitors.

Our prime vehicle for branding (and our most effective), is our Theoris family, including those of you that have converted to permanent positions with our clients. While you may not sit among us on a daily basis, you are very much an integral part of the Theoris family and you all drive our company brand every day while out in the field.

Your hard work, positive attitude, and technical expertise are a direct reflection of what our company stands for.  As ambassadors on a daily basis, you exhibit the “A caliber” talent that typifies our company and helps us outshine the competition.  So, to all of you ‘Ambassadors’ out there that we do not get to see every day walking through our hallways – Thank You.  Your work speaks volumes and it brands our company in a positive light every day.
– Nicole Brown

~ Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. – Robert Collier


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