A Guide to Green IT

Green IT Logo_fŸr_appelIt seems that everywhere you turn these days more and more people are going Green.   Many IT professionals are finding their companies are making changes to help the environment as well.  Did you know simple things like putting all your computers, printers and other electronic devices in sleep mode when they are not in use can help the environment. However, if they will not be used for a long period of time, such as overnight, you would want to shut them off completely. As you probably know, electronics that have external power supplies still draw electricity even when there is no power going to them.

Replace your monitor screens, especially if they are CRT as they use a ton of power.  The creators of the monitors did not take concerns like this into consideration when they created them.  You should use flat screen monitors which do not taken up much electricity when they are in standby mode. Most flat screen monitors will automatically go in standby mode when they are not being used for a certain amount of time.

Using virtualization software is a great way to go green in the IT industry. In the past, one server may have run one application. However, now one server is able to run several jobs. This doubles the work that a server can do so that you don’t need as many servers running.


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