Big Data

Very intriguing! This is a four minute video featuring author Rick Smolan discussing his new book, The Human Face of Big Data. It goes over the current trend of the use of Big Data and how little access we have to it. Ultimately how it is directly affecting the course of our lives.

Currently the model for collecting Big Data seems to be very effective. Social Media sites play on our willingness to express ourselves. To track the information we put out there when we pin something on Pinterest or “like” something on Facebook. As detailed in Smolan’s book, this information can affect our lives even more directly than just influencing advertisements and solicitations. He points out an example where the type of music we publicly listen to and talk about can actually affect things like our credit score!

This is a trend that seems almost irreversible, but if we as a society can educate ourselves more on the use of such data; we can collectively find a way to turn it for our benefit and less for the benefit of those who use the data behind the scenes. Let us know what you think!


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