Some strong viewpoints to consider: Resumes are nearly dead. Interviews are skeptical at best. LinkedIn is decent. Portfolios are helpful. Sounds contradicting from someone that works primarily in IT staffing- but hear us out!

Projects are the real future of hiring, especially IT and SDLC hiring. No matter how wonderful your references are or how impressive your education is, it’s not enough. What can you do to make yourself indispensable in a volatile climate? Deliver incredible results through your projects.

Top talent will engage in projects, testing their abilities to deliver real value on their own and with others. Forgo the experience, certifications, and other interrogatory genre; the real question will be how well can consultants rise to the challenge, and help redesign a corporate website, document a tricky bit of software, or even architect a data warehouse?

Most firms have learned the hard way that no amount of interviewing, reference checking and/or psychological testing is a substitute for actually working with a candidate on a real project. What can you do? What have you done? What will you accomplish? I call it on-the-job interviewing.
Many organizations now incorporate a three to six month ‘contract’ as part of their on-boarding process. Hiring becomes more holistic rather than best guess approaches. Remember, you’re interviewing the prospective employer as well. All while maintaining a solid living.

Ultimately, the reason why I am confident that ‘projects are the new job interviews’ is not simply because I’m in the middle of the client and the candidate, it’s because this is an important vehicle for all parties involved. The most successful adopters will quickly be replicated. Why? The most talented people typically like having real opportunities to shine and succeed.

Will your next long-term project or career come from only your resume and relationships, or from proving your worth by knocking a new project out of the park?

Batter up!







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