An Apple A Day… I Think Not!

apple-shattered-glassApple is starting to get a little worried now that they have some healthy competition from Samsung.   I am happy to see a rise in Samsung purchases!  I recently bought the Note II over the iPhone, and I am in love with it.  Then again, I have never been big on the Apple bandwagon, and I graduated in graphic design.    I will admit that I do own a 16GB iPod Touch for my music. However, my Note II plays the songs just as well, and came with 16GB storage.  To one up my iPod I can upgrade my phone storage.

We aren’t talking about iPods, but music is one of the features Apple pushes during their sales pitch.  I have several friends who own iPhones and the only other feature they rave about is Siri.  You can go to the Google store and purchase programs like Skyvi that do the same thing.  The bottom line is we all have different needs and wants in our smart phones.  It’s about time that we have some choices.

My Note II allows me to split my screen so I can read an email from a coworker, and change an excel document at the same time.  I can use my stylus and mock up marketing materials while I’m out with friends.  Better yet I can take a photo of my friends and draw mustaches on their faces.  I can shoot a quality video or choose to limit it for MMS.  I can sketch an item in my digital idea pad and then I can NFC it over to another device.  Idea note_20130119_174659_01

There are so many more features I don’t get to use on my Note II, but I know they are there if I need them.  It did take me a hot minute to figure out where my task manager was located.  They encourage you to download an app, but you can just hold down on the home button for a second.  The size was a limitation in the beginning, but after a few weeks I didn’t even notice it.  This phone can take a beating and keep on working like nothing ever happened.  If you know me, you know that is a good thing.

Apple can come back on the defense with any marketing material they want, but I will not be drinking the Apple Kool-Aid any time soon.

–        Keyna Shubert


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