Mediocre is not acceptable

What is happening in our industry? It seems everywhere I go I find another frustrating example of some Technology vendor cutting a corner, taking a short cut, or choosing the easy way. Just the other day I wasted half a day’s productivity because an internal IT group wasn’t properly staffed and no escalation process was in place to help. Last week, I was stuck in an airport because the carrier couldn’t fill the plane so they cancelled the 4 pm flight home (just to save a little on the bottom line). So what if I’m inconvenienced at the airport, or even at the customer site. No one seems to care. What happened to customer service? What happened to technology professionals being the best in the business? What happened to doing what you said you would do? What happened to doing the right thing? What happened to common sense?

I’m not out to slam competitors in the technology consulting industry. I understand certain factors exist outside anyone’s control. My fear is that I see a disturbing trend and overall attitude in our culture that produces “acceptable mediocrity.” Customers and employees have reached a low point in expectations. When someone does the minimum, we cheer as if they have broken some World Record.


At Theoris we are changing the game for our employees and our customers
We are not just proposing excellence. We are proposing that mediocre should no longer be acceptable.

At Theoris we expect excellence and you should to.

Why stop there… we could all kick it up a notch in life to.

Be an excellent spouse.
Be an excellent parent.
Be an excellent employee.
Be an excellent guest.
Be an excellent friend.
Be an excellent example.

I know I’m a little old-fashioned, but this just make sense, right?

If you’re passionate about technology and passionate about customer service then we need to talk.


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