Is There Really Such a Thing As a Good Recruiter?


by Katey Wellman, Senior Recruiter, Theoris IT,

Ever thought about what it takes to be a successful Technical Recruiter?  Upon consideration the concept seems pretty simple, right?  You just pick up the phone and call IT professionals that fit your job.  Some may ask why do recruiters even get paid to help candidates find jobs that they could find on their own.

The answer isn’t as simple you might think.  A variable number of factors go into a job hunt and utilizing the skills of a good recruiter can be a valuable resource to help a person find the right fit. 

Speaking from personal experience I can confidently say recruiting is a roller coaster ride of a job and not for the faint of heart.  In an extremely people-focused environment, there are MANY possible obstacles as there is no perfect formula to guarantee a connection.  Plenty of job seekers will wonder, “Why am I not being called back?  Did the interview really go well?  Is this the best job for me to pursue right now?”  A good recruiter will use their connections to get these questions answered more promptly and honestly than you might have been able to do on your own.  It’s not easy work but pairing the right person with the perfect opportunity is the greatest victory we can achieve.  Recruiting is an exciting lifecycle of ups and downs and it takes a certain type of personality to be able to brush the dirt off your shoulders and keep on moving if things don’t go well. 

Technical recruiters need to tap into a robust list of skills in order to be successful such as:

  • An intermediate to strong understanding of the technology required for the role
  • The ability to really listen and discover the driving motivation behind their clients and prospective candidates
  • Strong relationship building skills that will help open doors and provide an edge to candidates
  • Quick decision making skills and strong professional tact
  • Interview preparation

This may seem easy to some, but communication and interpersonal skills can be some of the rarest qualities to find yet the most valuable! 

There is a wide range of quality when it comes to recruitment and some of us can catch a bad rep when compared to those who spam email, auto post to groups, and do monotonous key-word searches to loosely match someone on a job board to their role.

A good recruiter will reach out to create a relationship and talk to you about what’s in your best interest and not just theirs.

When you think about the relentless effort that goes into being a good recruiter you can really start to see the value add in utilizing the service.  If you think you’ve met a good recruiter then don’t be afraid to save their information, update them on what you’re up to, and build that relationship!  Odds are the effort will pay off soon!


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