Theoris: 2014 Resolutions or Positive Changes?

Are you one of the 45% of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution?

If you answered YES to that question, there’s a high probability that you want to:

Exercise (regularly), Eat healthy (most days), Volunteer (more than once a year) or Achieve work / life balance.

Theoris encourages a healthy lifestyle where we live and work.  We are committed to encouraging healthy eating, organizng group walks for charity & providing many opportunities to volunteer in and around our community.

Health experts tend to agree that stepping away from our office to eat has multiple benefits.

Productivity increases, sick days are reduced, numbers of accidents decrease, & overall morale has a noticeable uptick.  Seems like a great excuse to stop & eat a healthy lunch.

Our office provides several on-site & nearby lunch options:

  • All the Perks Café is located in the lobby of our office (M-F, 7-4)
  • Food Trucks / Block Parties – Vendor food trucks stop for our personal enjoyment one Friday / month.
  • The Fashion Mall  is next door connected via a covered walkway & offers a full spectrum of dining options (  The mall offers various dine-in options from soup and sandwiches to filet mignon or hibachi grill.

If you well on your way with the regular exercise routine & making healthy eating choices, consider the next step and start doing something simple for others.  Giving back to the community / choosing to volunteer simply makes you feel good and puts you a step closer to achieving a work/life balance.

Consider a couple of recent examples where our folks made an impact by volunteering.

So whether you are well on your way with your New Year’s resolution or simply deciding to make a positive change, Theoris can help you with your new beginning.

Come see what we have to offer.


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