Practice Makes Perfect!


Summer is in full swing and millions of children around the country are engaged in ‘America’s
Favorite Pastime.’ Recently I was at a little league game where I had the
pleasure of watching a player that quickly stood out as the star of the team.
Throughout the game he consistently played well. He was their pitcher and
seemed to strike out the other players with ease, and when at bat, his talents
were equally impressive hitting the ball.

After his team won the game, I heard the young man speaking with someone else
who was congratulating him on such a great performance. When asked how he
became so good the young man replied with thanks and explained that he never
takes his abilities for granted and always practices. He went on to say that he
knows there is always someone else who wants to be number one. To stay ahead of
the game he must always continue to improve his skills. With extra practices
and conditioning he knew it would improve his chances of staying on top.

I was very impressed by this young man’s attitude and quickly realized the
message related to me and, for that matter, all working professionals. As we
mature the game field changes to that of an office or worksite and our
definition of success changes from hitting a home run to one that is career
oriented. For some of us it is a certain position within the company, while
others focus on working with a certain technology or tool. The question is once
we have achieved that initial goal, what do we do then?

If we were wise, we would adopt the practices of this young ball player. All of
us need to recognize that there is always someone else trying to be number one
as well. Technology is always advancing as should we with our skill set. To
help us ‘practice’ and ‘condition’ our trade, we should always be looking for
ways to keep up with the latest information and evolve our skills. Perhaps it
is by attending trainings, participating in related user groups, or by reading
technology or trade publications. If we do not stay current on trends and the
latest technologies we could quickly find ourselves riding the bench or, worse
yet, out of the game altogether.


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