I jumped ship and survived, week one!

It’s Friday March 21st, 2014 and I’ve made it through my first full week at Theoris! The transition period has been fairly painless in regards to training, learning new software, and getting to know the team. One thing every single person here at Theoris has said is that this place is my second family, which makes me elated to invest my career with a company who, in today’s world, can offer those values.

jump-shipI must admit, I’m the type of person who likes to run before they walk. So, I’m already thinking, at the end of week one, where is my next hit coming from and how fast can I get it. If you’re in this industry and you don’t have the mentality of, let’s close another deal and make some more money, I’m afraid you’ll be washed aside by those who do.

Being in the staffing industry is an addictive drug for anyone with a Type A personality and an “I have to win” mentality. You’re always focused on the next deal/hit/start and you can always do better, but with the highs, you’ll have periods of lows, which pretty much feel like someone took your legs out from underneath you. When your rolling high and closing hits left and right for 3 months, you’re on top of the world, but don’t worry, your subject to get smacked back into reality within a month or two where nothing can go right.  Waiting for that high tide, my friends, is what keeps you getting back up, and asking for more because you know there is no better feeling then riding the wave of succe$$.

Until next time, Stay Techy!!!


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